Panels for Court of Flowers | For Other Buildings Also

Millard Sheets, nationally known young Claremont artist, and an assistant are shown at work on one of the huge mural paintings now nearing completion in an exhibit building at the local fairground, for the World's fair opening next February 18 on Treasure island in San Francisco. This 25x20 foot panel representing agriculture is one of six being painted for the walls of the Court of the Flowers; under them will be ------- of friezes. Sheets is at extreme left, on the ladder, near the foot of which an assistant, William Eckert of Oakland, is working. Altogether Sheets and his 12 assistants will have completed 8700 square feet of paintings in approximately six months when the murals are delivered and installed in World's Fair Buildings.

Gigantic undertaking of painting 8700 square feet of murals for the World's fair opening in San Francisco February 18, soon will have been completed by Millard Sheets, young Claremont artist who has been rapidly gaining a wide reputation, and a corps of 12 assistants. Finishing of the huge paintings, six of them panels 25x20 feet, is being done in one of the exhibit buildings at the Los Angeles County fairground and on the stage of Bridges auditorium in Claremont. The work is being done in approximately six months. Despite shortness of the time between signing of the contracts and the date for delivery, attention to detail and richness of colorings in these oils nearing completion are already indicative of acclaim they will receive from the throngs attending the fair.

Panels for Court of Flowers

The six panels that are 25x20 feet each go into what is to be known as the Court of the Flowers. These gigantic oil paintings will decorate the walls of this huge court with a vividness that promises to be striking. Beneath each of the six will be a series of friezes, each 14x20 feet, to carry out the ideas of the artist. One of the murals represents agriculture. Is shows the goddess of plenty, sheaves of wheat and other products. Beneath it are to be smaller murals dealing with the same subject and forming the frieze for that particular subject. The large mural is to be over one of the six entrances to the court, and on either side will be the panels forming the frieze. Another of the large murals depicts the early Spanish conquistador driving away the Indians and the coming of the missions. The gold miner, another huge figure, is symbolic of the greed for this precious metal in the days when gold mining was at its height. The California sun and the Golden gate, industry, and infinite time are among the other subjects being painted.

For Other Buildings Also

Another panel, which is for the southern counties building, is to be 34x60 feet. It will be in a circular room. Mr. Sheets is working out the entire color scheme for this building. He is doing a series of four panels, which will have a combined length of 250 feet and a width of eight feet, to be placed in the state building to depict recreation in California. The 12 artists assisting Mr. Sheets are Milford Zornes, Claremont; James Patrick, Los Angeles; William Eckert, Oakland; John Lukas, Gene Sogioka, Ken Nishi, Zack Haig, Buck Weaver, Richard Munsell, all of Los Angeles; Clifford Lewis, Dickey Rowan and Bill Darr, all of Claremont.