Ogden - Harold Weaver, an artist more familiarly known as "Buck"  Weaver, whose small but choice exhibit of 15 small oil paintings and sketches is now at the Hotel Ben Lomond, has lived and painted in Arizona, New Mexico and California. His work was presented during the week at the reception given at the hotel under the sponsorship of Mrs. Joseph E. Evans, and the many friends made during a visit of the artist several years ago with Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Ruthrauff called to welcome him. A number of Mr. Weaver's subjects in the exhibit were painted in Utah or Nevada. His technique is fearless, emphatic and expressive of the freedom of his outdoor life. His simplified compositions suggest the influence of Maynard Dixon. The painting, "Desert Rain" which is reproduced and is illustrative of his technical strength, won favorable comment in a recent exhibition by California painters and sculptors at the Los Angeles Museum. One of the most striking pictures in the collection shown is "Dry Lake" done in tones of gray. Another is a scene on the Colorado river near Cameron, Ariz., in charming pastel tints. Against the gray sky the mesa rises, with gray-green of sagebrush and a lone road crossing the foreground. "Nearly Night" a Las Vegas bit, and "Rainstorm" are again in the gray tones Mr. Weaver so frequently employs, the latter marked by interesting cloud effects and the driving sheet of rain. Mr. Weaver was born in England, but has lived in the west for 30 years. He is at home on the cattle range as well as in the studio, and is on familiar terms with the Indians, speaking the Navajo language.