A most unusual array of oil paintings ever to be shown in Ogden, opens Sunday afternoon, Oct. 7 from three to six p.m. at the Utah Power auditorium under the sponsorship of the Ogden Palette club. Of importance to art lovers is the fact that the artist, Buck Weaver of Los Angeles, will attend the opening. He is a colorful personality, affecting cowboy characteristics down to the typical dress of the western man. The 15 paintings are created by an artist, self-taught, after a widespread background in living and working in a progressive manner. To be rated so highly, Mr Weaver has gained his laurels the hard way, and now is able to paint fewer and more nearly individualistic views. After living in many parts of the world he prefers to paint desert themes to any other subject.  Accompanying the gifted painter is Monsieur Rene LeFebvre-Foinet, a master craftsman in mixing paints. He descends from a family generations old in France, who were famed for their ability to mix paints for old masters. M. Foinet has taken up residence in Los Angeles during the war. He expects to make America his home after a brief sojourn in Paris. The tea, open to the public, is under the general chairmanship of Mrs. Glen Harding. She is assisted by  Mrs Nora J. Blake and Mrs E. E. Lidquist. An elaborately decorative theme will be carried out under the chairmanship of Miss Sarah Wilson, a local creative artist. A western pattern will be the design for the tea table centerpiece, showing cowboys, horses, rabbit brush and sage. Those who are invited to pour at this social function are: Mrs James  E. Lindsay,  Mrs. Joseph E. Evans,  Mrs John Franklin Ellis, Mrs Adam Patterson Jr., Mrs Junior Edward Rich and Mrs Wallace Ellis. Assisting in the tea room will be: Miss Lynn Rich, Miss Renee Rhead, Miss Margene Bush and Miss Norma Creer.